user experience strategist, information architect, designer... and dessert lover

Hello. This is me. I am:

I've been practicing visual and information design, information architecture and user experience strategy for the past 20-odd years. I started out as a writer, editor, print designer and publishing operations consultant until the internet took over the universe and I migrated my skills into the digital realm.

What I do (and what I love most about my field) is help people discover creative solutions to interesting problems (mostly about how to design things that people want to use).

The characteristics that define me at work are curiosity, flexibility and a non-stop sense of humor (everything else you can learn).

I run a consultancy with my partner in crime and favorite human being on the planet (see: the incredible pear). These days, I mostly collaborate with other companies, adding my expertise as a consultant to their project teams.

(and if you're wondering about the "tart" thing ... I really, really love baked goods. So yes, I spend most of my spare time in the kitchen... baking, cooking, and of course EATING!)

If you have an interesting problem that needs solving, let's chat, I'd love to help!